Updated terms and conditions for The Furry Fiends Club

Before using our services a compulsory free consultation must take place. This is to ensure you and of course your dog is comfortable with us. It is also used so all relevant documentation can be signed and discussed.

Dog Walking

Your dog must meet the following requirements:

  • • Your dog must be able to walk off lead and socialise with other dogs.
  • • You must disclose if your dog can be aggressive towards dogs or people at the consultation and indicate appropriate methods to prevent such an event.
  • • Your dog must have excellent recall.
  • • Your dog must be microchipped ( it is now against the law to not have your dog microchipped. This must be done by the time your dog is 8 weeks old if not you could be fined up to £500)
  • • Your dog must wear an identification tag as per The Control of Dogs Act 1992 you could be fined up to £5000 if not.
  • • Your dog must be up to date with all vaccinations, evidence should be provided at the consultation including Kennel Cough. (please note The Furry Friends Club will not be held responsible if your dog contracts Kennel Cough whilst in our care)
  • • It is preferred that your dog is natured/spayed, however if not you MUST disclose this at the consultation so we can accommodate accordingly. (please note bitches may not attend their scheduled walks whilst in season or pregnant).

    The Furry Friends Club hold to right to immediately cease our service if any of the above is breached.
    The Furry Friends Club is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged leads, collars, tags, clothing or any other clothing left with your dog. The Client is solely responsible for any harm or damage to staff or third parties caused by their dog whilst under the care of The Furry Friends Club.

    Home visits / Puppy Visits

    Before the visits begin you must make The Furry Friends Club aware of any persons that will be in or visit the property whilst we are at the property. Prior the visits we must receive the following information:

  • • Feeding requirements (if appropriate)- times, amount and where it can be found
  • • If you would like us to give your dog certain medication we will need to know exactly how much, what times and where it can be found.
  • • Any house rules that apply to your dog.
  • • Where your dog will be held when arrive at the property and their likes and dislikes.

    The Furry Friends Club will not be accountable for any damage caused to your property at the hands of your pet whilst in our care. .


    You must make The Furry Friends Club aware if you will be leaving a key in a safe place, where it will be and how to dispose of it after. Please note The Furry Friends Club will not be held accountable if that key does go missing whilst in the safe place.
    If you are giving us your key to keep whilst you use our service, you must tell us which door it is for, any difficulties we could face whilst opening your door and to let any neighbour or persons at your house know that we will be arriving and have access.
    Please note by signing our contract regarding giving permission to a key to your premises exempts The Furry Friends Club in full against any liability arising from loss or damage to the property or its contents, in present and future circumstances.

    Veterinary Care

    The client will be responsible for the full cost of any injuries or illness that your dog receives whilst under the care of The Furry Friends Club. The Furry Friends Club will also act accordingly to seek veterinary advice/ treatment as they deem necessary, preferably this will be carried out by the clients usual vet, however if in an emergency situation then The Furry friends Club may use any registered vet.


    Payment must be made in full prior the walks unless alternative dates have been arranged at the consultation I.e. weekly or monthly pay.
    You must give 24 hours notice before cancelling an arranged walk. If you wish to completely cancel using our service then a 2 week notice period will be required.
    If The Furry Friends Club arrives to an arranged walk but cannot walk the dog for any reason such as not being able to get into the property, or not answering the door then full payment is still required.
    Non payment will result in legal proceedings in court, the client will be responsible for any court costs and loss of earnings for The furry Friends Club caused by missed appointments, chasing payments and any other related costs such as fuel.

    Data Protection

    Under The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, I am considered to be a data controller an data processor.
    I can confirm that:

  • • The information I collect from my clients are, name address, phone numbers, pet details
  • • Information is stored in a secure building and is not kept on my persons or in a vehicle.
  • • Clients information is kept for as long as they require The Furry Friends Club services. Once our services is terminated and 2 weeks notice has been served, all information will be shredded and disposed off correctly and deleted contact details from my phone.
  • • My work mobile phone holds clients phone numbers and is secured by a passcode and finger print technology to secure my phone and keep any unauthorised persons from accessing any data.
  • • I will never pass client information on to a third party

    The Furry Friends Club.